Alan Dershowitz: Israel Does Not Cause Antisemitism

By Alan Dershowitz: In a recent letter to the New York Times, the current Earl of Balfour, Roderick Balfour, argued ...
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We Are Our Own Worst Enemy

By Yaffa Abadi: It is a scary and somewhat daunting phrase that captures the truth about many aspects of interpersonal ...
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Lord Rothschild discusses cousin’s crucial role in ‘miracle’ Balfour Declaration

Speaking ahead of the 67-word letter’s centenary, Jacob Rothschild describes the historic declaration which paved the way for Israel’s existence ...
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Balfour Descendant Touts 2-State Solution, Marking 1917 Edict’s Centennial

By Tamara Zieve Descendant of signatory of Balfour Declaration sends special message to conference, which marks 100 years since historic ...
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The Balfour Declaration: How British PM Theresa May Got It Wrong

How can one small statement, get it so wrong! I am obviously pleased to see the British Prime Minister stand ...
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British PM hails ‘remarkable, tolerant’ Israel, slams anti-Semitism in Labour

In speech to Conservative Friends of Israel, Theresa May calls Balfour Declaration ‘one of the most important letters in history’ ...
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