The Balfour Centenary Committee was set up in November 2014 by the Israel, Britain & the Commonwealth Association in order to promote and co-ordinate the activities and events to commemorate the centenary of the Balfour Declaration.  The committee is comprised  of representatives of the major Jewish Organizations across the community including:  The committee comprises representatives of the major English-Speaking Organizations in Israel:

The Vision of the Committee is that:

The Balfour Declaration is recognized, commemorated and celebrated by all members of Israeli society as a seminal event that led to the establishment of the State of Israel.

The Objectives of the Committee are:

To ensure proper education and public recognition, within the English and Hebrew speaking public of Israel and the Diaspora, of the importance of the Balfour Declaration in the establishment of the State of Israel. The Committee serves as a coordinator to encourage and empower participating organizations to hold events commemorating the centenary.