As others seek to negate or tarnish the legitimacy of Balfour’s declaration, it is our responsibility to ensure that the facts stand for themselves. Let us combat the efforts to destroy historical truth by engaging our communities, our youth, and ourselves in exploring the significance and relevance of Balfour then and now.


We are proud to present a set of unique programs for use in any educational setting – formal or informal – provided by a variety of organizations around the world.

  • Write a diary entry for Chaim Weizmann from the night before he is scheduled to meet with Lord Balfour to discuss the wording of the declaration. What thoughts do you think were running through his head? Do you think he was nervous? Why? What do you think he might have told himself to stay calm and confident?
  • Group students into partners, have 1 student play Lord Balfour and the other Lord Rothschild. Have them role play the conversation when Lord Balfour presents the declaration. Afterward have students share what they said to each other.
  • Write a newspaper article about the Balfour Declaration. Give background on why it is important and the general purpose of the declaration.
  • Pretend you are at the meeting where Lord Rothschild presents the Balfour Declaration to the Jewish Federation. “Live Tweet” the meeting as you think it happened.
  • Write a “thank you” note to Lord Rothschild, Chaim Weizmann, or Lord Balfour. Think about whether or not you have benefitted from their actions. As a student living almost one hundred years later do we owe them a debt of gratitude?
  • Hold a debate. You can have Team Weizmann & Rothschild vs. Team Balfour. What are their views. Who does each team represent? (the Jewish people vs. the British government). Have each team research background information on the situation in 1917. This can be a large group activity.

Introduction: The Educational Scope; Themes, Activities and Methodologies

“Don’t sign it just yet Mr Balfour!” – A Simulation Game

Chaim Weizmann Meets Arthur James Balfour – Palestine, Zionism and the Balfour Declaration: A Simulation Play

Turning Points in History – Values Clarification and Chronology of Events

Who’s full of hot air? Balloon Debate

Promises, Promises! – Values Clarification

Balfour or Bust? – Triggers and Discussions

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