Join us in celebrating historical and current events surrounding the Balfour Declaration Centenary.

Event Information:

  • Thu

    HOB Commemorates Balfour

    An internet based programme to mark the Centenary of eh Balfour Declaration.

    On November 2 event, no matter where in the world we are, we will be able to enjoy both a live program (open to anyone in Israel and live-streamed for the world) as well as a special interactive element for Jews of all ages around the world. We will be able to demonstrate our appreciation for Balfour and the Zionist enterprise through word, song and performance.

    We are calling for the participation of Jewish day schools, youth and teen groups as well as Jewish communal organizations.  We are looking for your statements, chorale and dance performances, readings and greetings to be aired during the course of the November 2nd program.

    For more information and to register to participate, contact HOB National Chairman David Miller:

    Wishing you and yours Gmar Hatima Tova!

    (Rabbi) Robert Golub
    Volunteer Consultant, HOB Commemorates Balfour Program
    Retired Director, Mercaz USA (1995-2016)